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Invited lectures

Imperial College Masterclass, 2020

Obesity and Gestational Diabetes


St Bede’s Conference Centre, 2019

Diabetes Update, Long term conditions

Postgraduate lecture series, Education Centre, St Helier Hospital, 2019

Metabolic syndrome

Ian Smith Memorial lecture, Sutton & District Medical Society, 2019

Harold Shipman: Retelling the story


Epsom Medical Society, 2018

Harold Shipman: Serial killer and best loved doctor


The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists, 2018

Update on diabetes for podiatrists

Primary Care Conference, Birmingham 2018

The Global Diabetes Epidemic

BMJ Masterclass, Manchester 2015

GP General Update-Endocrinology

Royal College of Physicians, 2014

Medical complications of pregnancy- Type 1 diabetes in pregnancy

Diabetes Masterclass, 2014

Diabetes in pregnancy-new thinking


37th Annual Meeting of European Thyroid Association, Leiden, 2013

Personalised approach in the management of well differentiated thyroid cancer:

Ablation with low dose radioiodine


5th International Congress for Fertility & Genetics, Amman, 2013

Thyroid disorders in Pregnancy

Diabetes in Pregnancy


Diabetes Masterclass, 2011

Thyroid disorders in diabetes


The 2nd joint JSED-AACE Congress, 2010



The Medical Society of London, 2009

Masterclass in thyroid cancer


11th European Congress of Endocrinology, Istanbul, 2009

Pregnancy after exposure to radioiodine


The Royal Society, London, 2007

Masterclass in advanced cancer medicine: Thyroid cancer


Royal College of Pathologists, London, 2006

UK Key Advances in Effective management of Thyroid Cancer

Early and late toxicity of radioiodine


Royal Society of Medicine, London, 2006

Medicine for Old Age Psychiatrist

Thyroid disease in the elderly


Royal College of Pathologists, London, 2004

UK Key Advances in Clinical Practice –thyroid disease

Medullary thyroid carcinoma


Royal Pharmaceutical Society, London, 2003

New advances in Diabetes


Institute of Cancer Research, London, 2003

Endocrine aspects of thyroid cancer


Faculty of Medicine, Addis Ababa University, 2003

Thyroid disease in developing countries


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